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What to Ask Your Party Caterer Before Hiring

Planning a party involves a lot of money. From the décor to the invites and the food, you will have to shell out a great deal of money to ensure that each detail goes out perfectly. But if there is one thing that sticks out most from your guests, it’s the food. You have to invest on the food at the party because this is what your guests will remember the most. When choosing a party catering Brisbane service, you therefore have to be smart. Asking questions will help generate the information you need to determine which caterer is most qualified for the job.


Below are questions you can ask when narrowing down your options for party catering in Brisbane:

What type of food do they specialize in?

This is a good question to start with because you want the caterer to match your qualifications. You would not want to hire a caterer and then make them prepare food or dishes they are not used to. You could end up compromising the quality of food at your party by forcing them to prepare dishes they are not familiar with. If you are looking to serve a specific type of menu for your guests, it is important to know their area of specialty before you hire the caterer.


How many years have you been in the industry?

This is another critical factor that will give a more experienced caterer an edge over new businesses. This is not to say that newly established Brisbane party catering businesses are not as good; however, the experience of the caterer in the industry will give them an edge in terms of managing the food preparation.


Do you have a health and safety certificate?

When choosing a caterer, you want to choose a company that is able to serve good food. However, do not compromise the health and safety of your guests. Therefore, you should always ask for a health certification to ensure that their cooking process and equipment have been checked by the local government. This will serve as your guarantee of the cleanliness of the catering service.


Will there be a taste test?

Not all caterers do offer this service; hence, you should not dismiss a caterer right away simply because they cannot offer a taste test. But if you can have a taste test, though, it will be to your advantage. This is the perfect opportunity to assess the quality of their dishes.


Do you have food options for kids?

When it comes to parties, kids love them! You should therefore create a separate menu for the kids so they will also enjoy the catering service at the party. You need to discuss with your caterer if there are any kids expected at the party.

Finding a party catering Brisbane company is no rocket science. However, you should be methodical to get your money’s worth and be able to host a party that will wow your guests! For your party catering needs in Brisbane, check out

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