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Bounce, but not too much: Safety tips to know before getting a bouncy castle

As what you have browsed through different types of organization of children’s parties in Google, bouncy castles seem to be quite popular these days. They are easy to rent, need minimal assembly, and affordable! But like every other party tool, there are some safety tips parents have to be aware of before renting a bouncy castle. More information Organización de fiestas infantiles

Safety in an organization of children’s parties can be achieved as long as you follow these tips:

1. If you’re going to surprise your child on the morning of their birthday, get a hold of them before they rush to play on the bouncy castle and remind them not to bring sharp objects like belt buckles or rings.

2. Remind children not to climb too, unless they want to go home with a concussion. Click here La Hormiga Play

3. From time to time, if your hands are really full, ask someone to check on the children who are playing at the moment.

4. Prepare your first aid kit in case someone falls or trips.

5. Always ensure that there is a durable and working anchorage, especially if the bouncy castle is located outside.

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