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Clairefontaine notebooks – Write to your heart’s content

The trend of writing in notebooks is catching up once again as the digital medium does not give the pleasure which comes from writing with your own hand. It has also been observed that writing things down helps in remembering things faster. The older generation still prefer writing in small pocketbooks because it is much easier than operating gadgets. The notebook is gaining popularity among the youngsters too as they can use it for doodling, sketching or taking down class notes. The Clairefontaine notebooks offer a huge variety of all kinds of writing material.

The complete range of Clairefontaine notebooks

The Clairefontaine brand is known for making the first school notebooks in France. The brand offers notebooks, fountain pen planners, indexed books, music and song books, laboratory and drawing books, report books, special books for partially sighted children. The collection of functional notebooks contains notebooks with a variety of options like detachable sheets, repositionable dividers, integrated pockets along with reversible notebooks. The Koverbook is a notebook with a hard protective cover and has two bookmark flaps with pockets inside which can be used to store documents. There is also a special notebook which has a cover made of stone paper. The campus notebook has repositionable dividers and is made especially for students. There are single and double sheets available in loose form too. Visit at Notedian

Different collections of Clairefontaine notebooks

The Mimesys collection is a colourful range of plastic covered notebooks requiring no further protection. The Age Bag collection is meant for those who want to record their thoughts daily or capture special memories on paper. The Europa collection is a range of spiral bound notepads and notebooks. There is also a special range of notebooks with covers illustrating six famous fables of France.

The original 1951 collection of Clairefontaine notebooks is available for those who wish to take a trip down the memory lane. The wide range of Clairefontaine notebooks is categorised on the basis of binding- staplebound, wirebound, hard cover or cloth bound. The ruling varies from lines, graphs or blank pages. The number of pages also ranges from 32 to 384. You can find every size of notebook within the range of 7.5×12 cm to 24×32 cm. All the notebooks and writing material are made of the satin smooth Clairefontaine special 90g paper which is of the highest quality.

The Leuchtturm 1917 collection of notebooks

The Leuchtturm notebooks have been around for a hundred years and have a rich heritage. The brand has come up with new items like the bullet journal, softcover noteboooks, business card case, the book box, copper edge hardcover notebooks. Some of its popular notebooks include the reading journal, jottbook, sketchbook master, address book, reporter notepad, academy pads. The leuctturm1917 notebook is known for its numbered pages, labels, pagemarkers, acid free and ink proof paper.


You can find the Clairefontaine notebook or the Leuchtturm collection of notebooks along with all other brands providing writing material on websites like So go ahead and buy new notebooks to give a boost to your creativity. For more information, visit their website at:

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